Auchnascraw Mill

The Moray Coast

The Moray Coast is about an hour’s drive from The Mill and is the perfect Scottish sight-seeing opportunity! The Moray Coast Trail is a spectacular trail that runs from Forres to Cullen. You’ll get to explore fishing villages and see wildlife of all kinds. Or take day trips from The Mill to discover the different towns.
Be sure to visit the Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay!
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Here's what people say about us

  • The Mill is so beautiful! Stone walls, wrought iron, beautiful views… We loved the kitchen! It had every item we needed to really enjoy preparing our meals. Our favorite times at the Mill were returning from nearby salmon fishing and having a wee dram while sitting with the wood fire going.
    From getting up early, making coffee, and having 5-6 cows looking right in the large kitchen window, to watching sheep dogs drive sheep from the patio…The Mill is quite an experience.

    David B