Auchnascraw Mill


Renovating The Mill took many years, and much help and support from our family. We are so pleased with the result, and think you will be too!

This gallery is a collection of images of the renovation process.

As you can see…it was a LOT of work. The Mill had been a ruin for many years. With the large roof section dramatically collapsing one night, while we were safely sleeping in the house across the road. For many years our dream of turning The Mill into a vacation/holiday home was just something that we spoke of often. But in the last 7 years we have been working steadily to turn the dream into a reality. Through the help of an architect who is a family friend and our families we were able to complete the project within 2 years time.


Here's what people say about us

  • This is seriously better than just a home-away-from-home. This house is gorgeous and has this air of refined luxury that is like something from out of a storybook. From the furnishings to just the little details of the house it’s a little masterpiece. Every window has a different amazing view of this lush, wild place. I highly recommend staying here.

    Laura M