Auchnascraw Mill

Deluxe Bedroom

Tell us how you’d like us to make up this room…just for you! It can be arranged as 2 twin beds or zipped together to make a super king size mattress.

“It is a spacious and light place with lovely pastoral and mountain views to be enjoyed from any direction.”

This room features an over-stuffed chair to lounge in, and a mini balcony looking out over the road. There is a closet space to hang all your clothes, and a writing desk to write your postcards home. The two skylights make this room extra light during the day, and you can use the black-out blinds to get a good night’s rest.


Here's what people say about us

  • This is seriously better than just a home-away-from-home. This house is gorgeous and has this air of refined luxury that is like something from out of a storybook. From the furnishings to just the little details of the house it’s a little masterpiece. Every window has a different amazing view of this lush, wild place. I highly recommend staying here.

    Laura M